Earth Beat Presents: The Gwoof, Mário Lúcio, The Trees and the Wild, Park Jiha, Dimitris Mystakidis, Memo Pimiento Electric Orchestra, Metá Metá, Waldemar Bastos, Vuma Levin Quintet and Yat-Kha

Earth Beat proudly presents several exciting new acts whom we represent both nationally as well as internationally.

The Gwoof

In The Gwoof, Rudeboy uses his unbridled energy when spitting out his rattling vocals, backed by the angular grooves, heavy bass and impressive organ melodies of Bauw en Bos. Rock, funk, hiphop and punk, all these influences come together in this explosive trio. And if you see them live, it surely is a blast of energy. The Gwoof is rocky, steamy and sweaty and serves you a new and original sound. The trio has been selected for Popronde 2017 in the Netherlands.

Earth Beat represents The Gwoof in the Benelux

Mário Lúcio

Mário Lúcio is one of the most influential figures of the music and cultural scene in Cape Verde. He is a singer-songwriter and one of the country’s foremost and leading composers of all times.

Earth Beat represents Mário Lúcio in the Benelux

The Trees and the Wild

Indonesia’s The Trees and the Wild have a sound that can tie your brain up in knots while you try to classify it, but it will always sooth your ears and lift your spirit.

Earth Beat represents The Trees and the Wild internationally excluding Indonesia

Park Jiha

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Park Jiha uses equal parts Korean folk, Western classical and cool jazz to create a contemplative mix to fall in love with. Park Jiha will perform at WOMEX 2017.

Earth Beat represents Park Jiha in Europe & Australasia

Dimitris Mystakidis

Dimitris Mystakidis is a folk guitar virtuoso and rembetiko revitaliser who has been performing rembetiko exclusively with folk guitar for over ten years. He performs both as a solo artist as well as in his quartet. Dimitris will perform at WOMEX 2017.

Earth Beat represents Dimitris Mystakidis in the Netherlands & Belgium

Memo Pimiento Electric Orchestra

Memo Pimiento Electric Orchestra is a fusion of the Latin American cumbia culture root and European electro music with a psychedelic hint. Memo is a live producer and musician who throws sounds and samples from analog and digital modified synths and effect boxes, supported by a frenetic girl singer/MC, a rampant percussionist and wraparound visuals.

Earth Beat represents Memo Pimiento Electric Orchestra in the Netherlands

Metá Metá

The Brazilian group Metá Metá mix the spiritual and rhythmic foundations of candomblé with influences ranging from Afrobeat to Afrosambas, be-bop to art rock. Their live gigs have continuously been hailed as genius and their most recent album received rave reviews from newspapers such as The Guardian. Metá Metá will perform at WOMEX 2017.

Earth Beat represents Metá Metá in the Netherlands

Waldemar Bastos

The impressive, international career of Angolan-born guitar virtuoso Waldemar Bastos spans over 35 years, during which he has developed his own heartbreaking style, influenced by fado and morna. Waldemar Bastos will perform at WOMEX 2017.

Earth Beat represents Waldemar Bastos in the Benelux

Vuma Levin Quintet

Led by South African jazz guitarist Vuma Ian Levin, the Vuma Levin Quintet explores new identities in the African diaspora, painting a musical portrait of South Africa that is at once contemporary yet intimately tied to multiple rich historical traditions.

Earth Beat represents Vuma Levin Quintet in the Benelux


The music of Yat-Kha is an organic mix of rock and musical traditions of Siberian and Central Asian peoples. Critics have called it ethno-rock, root-rock and even ethno-punk… The band is led by its founder Albert Kuvezin (also co-founder of the famous Tuvan band Huun Huur Tu)

Earth Beat represents Yat-Kha in the Benelux