KO KO MO Showcases at Eurosonic 2018

KO KO MO showcases twice at ESNS in Groningen! 

What would Woodstock be like in 2018?

KO KO MO has the answer.

In only a short time, these explosive beasts on stage have become the talk of many a town. The ultra charismatic duo from Nantes (FR) is led by Warren Mutton with sometimes-androgynous vocals and a guitar hero game somewhere between Jimmy Page & Jimi Hendrix.“K20” on drums resonates with John Bonham and Keith Moon of The Who for his sense of show and fury.

Together, they seriously kick ass.

Thursday 18 January || Newscafe || 00:15 – 01:00
Friday 19 Jan || Vrijdag Basement || 20:10 – 20:50
More info on the official Eurosonic website

Earth Beat represents KO KO MO in The Netherlands and Belgium.