Four Earth Beat Tips At Le Guess Who?

From 9 till 12 November, the centrally located town of Utrecht will host one of the most exciting music festivals in the Netherlands: Le Guess Who?. No sure what to see when? We’ve got four cracking shows for you in store…

Thu 09 Nov // 22:15 – 23:05
Pandora, TivoliVredenburg

The phenomenal Yat-Kha, a legendary Siberian ensemble led by Albert Kuvezin, has expanded Tuvan folk music and throat singing into a global phenomenon. Kuvezin was also the founder of traditional Tuvan group Huun-Huur-Tu, but eventually, Yat-Kha embodied an escape from the movement’s time-honored parameters. Yat-Kha playfully reconciles Kuvezin’s love for Tuvan folk with his many other muses: blues, electronic music, folk, rock & roll and anything else that sparks his interest.

Fri 10 Nov //  19:30 – 20:15
Pandora, TivoliVredenburg

Liu Fang is known for her virtuosic and expressive interpretation of traditional pipa and guzheng music from China’s classical and folkloric traditions. Celebrated as being one of the greatest virtuosos, “the empress of pipa” is able to transmit the beauty and the richness of this ancient music in a clever and significant way, as well as displaying the subtle sonorities of the instruments by the power and sensibility of her play.

Sat 11 Nov // 21:45 – 22:35

This multi-nationality Anatolian rock outfit is fronted by Turkish vocalist and musician Derya Yıldırım. With members from Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy, Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek offers a metropolitan take on Turkish psych rock traditionals, as well as performing original compositions that pick up where heroes like Özdemir Erdoğan and Aşık Mahzuni Serif left off. On stage, the band perform as a spirited, tight and groovy unit, revelling in propellent take-offs and hypnotic melodies.

Sat 11 Nov // 22:30 – 23:20
De Helling

South Korean outfit Jambinai performs a thrilling mix of post rock, noisy jazz, dreamy ambient, electro and metal. Their traditional rock instrumentation is given quite the upgrade with electronics, effects, and traditional Korean instruments like the piri (an oboe-like reed instrument), the haegeum (a two-string violin) and the geomungo (an elongated zither). Jambinai is equally keen on delivering heavy metal barrages as rich orchestral flourishes, plus a knack for tense free-jazz freak outs.