After a short intermission the French-Ethiopian group UKANDANZ is back. Still led by the charismatic singer Asnake Gebreyes Ethiopian rhythms and melodies are paired to pop, rock, jazz and nowadays electronics too, which results in an unique style. Asnake Gebreyes originates from the vibrant music scene in Addis Abeba where he still is in high demand. He performs weekly if not daily over there.

The line-up of the French part of the group has changed a little bit though. Not only does Ukandanz have a new drummer who plays electronic drums, also the bass player has been replaced, this time by a synth bass player. Compared to their former record, Awo (2016), that was quite rocky and noisy, this results in a different sound. Much more ore electronic and more open and funky, as can be heard on the new album Yeketelale, released in December 2018, but still fascinating and powerful. Ukandanz still is in the frontline of the innovative ethiojazz bands.

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by Gonzo Circus

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