The Venopian Solitude

The Venopian Solitude is a band from Selangor, Malaysia. Formed in 2009 by the founder Suiko Takahara (pseudonym) has been producing a humongous collection of music and published them on social media, which consequently has been garnering attention from people around parts of the world. After signing to Kasi Gegar Entertainment (KGE) between 2013-2016, the performance expanded from a one-woman show to performing with a full-fledged band.

During their time with KGE, The Venopian Solitude released an 8-songed album, titled Hikayat Perawan Majnun (Tales of a Lunatic Damsel), in March 2014, which was nominated for three categories in the prestigious music awards in Malaysia, Anugerah Industri Muzik 2014 (Best Engineered Album, Best Arrangement in Song, Best Music Video), and two of its members won Best Hip-Hop Song for the song ‘Janji’ with Altimet for AIM 2016 (Kemat as the composer, Suiko as the singer and co-lyricist).

The Venopian Solitude has performed in various places domestically and internationally, having toured Malaysia and performed in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, The Netherlands and Canada.

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