The Mahotella Queens

The Mahotella Queens are true South African legends!

Together with the ‘Makhona Tsothle Band’ and the late, great bass “groaner”, Mahlatini, the Mahotella Queens invented Mbaqanga – a potent mix of various South African and imported styles – an explosive sound; intimately regional yet widely universal, which not only changed the course of music in their country, but continues to captivate the world.

The Mahotella Queens – Hilda Tloubatla, Nobesuthu, Mbadu and the newly crowned Queen Amanda Nokuthula Nkosi – are now representing more than just one generation and their live show is full of dance, joy and energy and even more vibrant than ever before.

In 2015, The Mahotella Queens celebrated their 50 Years on Stage.

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“the hippest hips in town” – BBC

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