Kickass jazzy afrofunk.

As the heir of a typically French melting pot, Supergombo’s afrofunk stands at the crossroads of different eras such as Fela Kuti’s Nigeria from the 70’s and Joe Zawinul’s Syndicate. They grew up to the sound of mbalax from Senegal, soukous from Congo, rhythms from Burkina Faso, funk from the USA, which mixed together locally definitely makes their sound feel like it’s travelled all around the world. Don’t call it “world music” though, since any kind of music now belongs to the world. What Supergombo did inherit from the world is its insane and hectic rhythm.

However, the seven musicians who formed the band know that treading lightly and chilling out sometimes is the perfect recipe to move forward. In search of its influences, Supergombo shops at supermarkets from Paris popular suburban Montreuil, Ouagadougou to la Guillotière, Lyon’s ever so colourful neighbourhood. Along the road, those who walk a mile in their shoes always end up dancing.

This original septet brought a new dance to both Jazz and Electro audiences (including Jazz à Vienne, Nuits Sonores, A Vaulx Jazz).

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