Studio Shap Shap

Studio Shap Shap presents an out of the blue tradi-electro vibe that gets many grooving. They have already made waves amongst the professionals involved on the world music scenes such as Esperanzah Festival 2018 (BE), Rototom 2018 (ESP) and AfricaJarc (2019).

In November 2015, a new radio station was establishing itself in Niamey. To diffuse quickly they were looking for musicians to create a series of music jingles. The request: create 27 musical pieces in just 3 days. The members of Studio Shap Shap knew one another well and took on the challenge. The contract was completed “shap shap”, which means ‘’quickly and welldone’’. The creative energy pushed them to continue this new adventure together. Studio Shap Shap was born.

Music is the common language amongst the group. The members are of different origins, generations and stories. One goal: make Africa heard in a new and different way.
Two of the members, bass player Arobasse and mola and komsa player Ousselni were both members of one of the best bands from Niger: Mamar Kassey. Percussionist Maï Douma played with Mamane Barka before and has a foot technique for changing the pitch of the drum like the Dutch jazz drummer Han Bennink.

In April 2016 the first album was created and was named after the neighbourhood where the musicians meet: Château 1. Studio Shap Shap creates a tradi-modern sound that is full of samples of the natural and the urban world, traditional and electronic sounds, speech and song intertwined. In 2018 they toured Europe for the first time.

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“Studio Shap Shap is a succulent surprise of the festival […] the music of Studio Shap Shap, superb, light and full of freshness”-Midi Libre, France, September 2018

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