Impressive and delirious, PoiL is lead by three musicians who know no limitations and prohibitions.

PoiL flows, dances and dashes between the energy of punk, the beauty of chamber music and the chaos of a factory on the brink of explosion. The trio combines raw madness and virtuosity, evoking thoughts of Frank Zappa, Frederic Chopin and Charlie Chaplin. In the audience, the heads bang, the cries burst forth. Jubilant and stock!

Sus, the new album of the ultra-speed superhero trio is steeped in maturity. The record consists of two epic 20 minute pieces where humour gives up its place to lyricism and Occitan poetry. Serenades of love, sky and sea intercourse, mad dogs shrieking from the bottom of a well…. PoiL have removed their red costumes and donned troubadour’s cap, ostensibly calmer but forever close to madness.

PoiL also performs with a Ni as the group Piniol

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Photo: Judith Saurel

Photo: Judith Saurel

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