Impressive and delirious, PoiL is lead by three musicians who know no limitations and prohibitions.

If you hear PoiL for the first time you probably think: wtf is this?! Is  this noisy math-rock? Is it funky disco? Is it virtuoso jazz? Is it experimental pop? Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes again! PoiL beats you up with crazy and intense musical collages.

It’s musical crazyness full of humor that even Frank Zappa would be surprised of. The music of PoiL puts a smile on everybody’s face.

This trio knows no boundaries. Their music is like a volcano on the brink of an eruption: full of tension, growling. At the same time the beauty of chamber music and the energy of punk are also part of their music.

So you really still don’t know what to expect? Okay, their influences are a.o. Frank Zappa, Ligeti, Primus, Stravinsky, Mister Bungle and Einstürzende Neubauten.

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Photo: Judith Saurel

Photo: Judith Saurel

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