Nkumba System

No idea what kind of substances are floating around in the Colombian air, but since a while all sorts of crazy and hip groups pop up that incorporate all kinds of styles and influences in their often very danceable and cheerful music. Like Nkumba System for instance.

This quartet combines African and Latin-American rhythms like rumba, highlife, afrobeat, cumbia and salsa with some psychedelica en improvisation. The result is an energizing tropical mix in which resourcefulness and virtuosity are paired to great ‘danceability’.

Nkumba could possibly be the African origin of the words cumbia and rumba. It means “belly button” in Bantú language.

Nkumba System was founded in Bogotá in 2016 by guitarist Guillo Cros who also plays in Romperayo. Just like Jhon Socha by the way, the bass player of the group. The group is completed by Leonel Alexander Merchán on percussie and lead vocals, and Richard Arnedo (a.o. Curupira, Choc Quib Town and La Mákina del Karibe) on drums.

In December 2018 Nkumba System’s first record will be released.

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