Memo Pimiento


They say Memo Pimiento is:
El Santana electronico
El Daft Punk Mexicano
El Aphex Twin latino
Memo Pimiento is a duo of lovers.
Memo: the very Mexican composer plays live cumbia, mambo,
reggaeton, salsa, trap with synth wave, lo fi, no wave, arab electronic,
cyber punk, psycho trans. Like if Suicide where playing Salsa.
Manon: the very Belgian frenetic and contagious singer, that electrifies
with her unexpected Kazu [Blond Red Head] ‘s voice style.
Like if Jane Birkin drawn in micro’s effects where singing a psycho
Their lives shows = to be wrapped in a frantic race of wild animals in rut.
Memo plays strong and spinning melodies through the acid sound of his
vintage analog synths modifies DY, samplers, rhythm boxes.
Manon is carried away, joyful screams, sings, and shares, propels,
vibrates, and plays with all.
it’s sexy
it’s daring
it’s fun
it’s hot
it’s new
A word to define Memo Pimiento? FRANTICALLY HAPPY

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