Memo Pimiento Electric Orchestra

The cadence of cumbia with electro punch

Memo Pimiento Electric Orchestra is a fusion of the latin american cumbia culture root (peruvian chicha, mexican sonidera and argentinian villera) and the european electro music (synthpop, krautrock, industrial) with a psychedelic hint. Memo is a live producer and musician who throws sounds and samples from analog and digital modified synths and effect boxes, supported by a frenetic girl singer/MC, a rampant percussionist and wraparound visuals.

“Some South American genius trance electronic cumbia artists live nearby (Brussels) Did you know that? That non-stopping tropical melodic dance machine from overseas -and from here- is nice, fun, sexy, smiley and INESCAPABLE” Walvis Bar. BXL.

“We sold the same quantity of alcohol on the new year’s Eve as on the Memo Pimiento’s concert night” El Santo Luchador. Isla Mujeres MX

Memo has performed in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, México… And shared the stage with artists like Golden Dawn Arkestra (USA) La Dame Blanche (CUB) Sonido Gallo Negro (MEX) Rafael Aragon (FRA), Rebel Up! (BEL)…

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