A dazzling interplay of punk guitar riffs and gypsy accordion, together with screaming female vocals on top of throbbing bass lines, turns every concert by Maika into a banging dance floor mayhem.

Maika is a Croatian / Serbian / Montenegrin band with an electrifying fusion of traditional Balkan roots and glitchy dance beats. The combined mileage of each band member has turned this five-piece combo into a brass-powered high-octane stage juggernaut whose sheer energy is matched only by the unremitting frenzy of its live acts.

From Maika’s perspective (both musical and visual), Balkan is an absurd mix of contrasts; religion and tradition combined with modern technology, natural beauty with destructive politics, mud with gold, ecstatic joy with tears, bloody conflicts with warm humanity and generosity. Balkan is a bizarre soup of many influences, styles, and cultures, and that is the main theme of this band’s music. Maika’s intoxicating stage presence has gained them a cult across the Balkans and several parts of Western Europe.

It is guarenteed that with its charm and wild energy, Maika will conquer the stage, your heart, and make you dance till your shoes fall off.

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Photo: Vovka Chudinov

Photo: Nicola Nicolic

Photo: Nicola Nicolic

Photo: Nicola Nicolic

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