Los Pirañas

Dance to this psychedelic connection between champeta, afrobeat, rock and cumbia.

Imagine a hallucinating encounter among Andres Landero´s dark cumbia, Konono´s distorted

trance, Ceramic  Dog´s  sophisticated rawness,  tropical afrobeat  and an out of control computer.  This is the Southamerican psychedelic sound of  the 21st century: Los Pirañas!

For more than 20 year Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers), Mario Galeano (Frente Cumbiero, Ondatropica) and Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo, Sidestepper) have been exposed to  Latinamerican tropical types of music that for many years (and still these days) have been relegated to the last place of  good taste. Vallenato, Peruvian chicha, Colombian raspa, champeta, some African sounds and cumbia in it´s different genres (sabanera, rabajada, sonidera) make part of the new style that Los Pirañas expose in the Colombian music scene.

Los Pirañas combine these styles with a rock attitude, noisy improvisations and absurd musical humor. Think of Captain Beefheart in an exotic mood. Completely crazy, but very danceable and enjoyable at the same time.

Their European tours catapulted them on some great festivals already, like Roskilde Festival (2016) where they rocked a crowd of 10.000 people, FMM in Sines (2016), Druga Godba in Ljubljana (2018) and Best Kept Secret in The Netherlands (2018), just to name a few.

They received raving reviews after their show at Best Kept Secret. 3voor12 headed “Los Pirañas rips stage Five to pieces” and Oor (magazine/blog) commented: “party music with a bite [..] Captain Beefheart in an exotic mood makes no sense anymore. Los Pirañas sounds more like a young Carlos Santana on acid”.

The band released their latest album, Historia Natural, in October 2019 on the Glitterbeat label.

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It’s so rare these days to find music that sounds completely fresh, that is in any way different to everything else out there. Los Pirañas are one of those rare finds – Songlines

The groove is totally danceable, in a flail-around-and-jump kinda way, and the layers of sound on top inspire descriptors such as: twelve-tone cumbia; vallenatonoise-rock; Colombia’s answer to Silver Apples – Afropop Worldwide

Los Pirañas bang away delectably with manic, out-there compositions. Pay special attention to the guitars, transformed radically with extra-dimensional effects” – MTV-Iggy

Los Pirañas make their lysergic mix of cumbia, chicha, electronica and distortion go straight to your blood flow – SHOCK

Their music is nothing less than incendiary, featuring the pummelling basslines of Mario Galeano, Pedro Ojeda’s restless funky drums and the boundless tropical experimentalism of Eblis Álvarez on guitar. – Sounds and Colours

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