Kiala and the Afroblaster

Kiala and the Afroblaster is led by Kiala Nzavotunga: the singer an guitar player who was born in Angola, grew up in Congo and made his musical career in Nigeria as guitar player of Fela Kuti’s band Egypt 80.

Since some years he is leading his own band: Kiala and the Afroblaster. In 2018 he released the album Money. At the moment Kiala is working on his new album One Race, an ode to bass player Hilaire Penda who died in November 2018. In the meantime the band has changed personnel. The artists that Kiala is playing with nowadays are musicians from the Afrogrooves community from Amsterdam. He met these musicians accidently during a jam session at an Afrogrooves evening. The vibe was great and Kiala decided to ask the musicians to form his new band.  And so, here it is…

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– Powerful and groovy afrobeat –

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