Harouna Samake

Mali is a powerhouse of great musical talent. One of the ‘new’ names popping up is Harouna Samake, one of Mali’s  foremost kamele n’goni players.

He’s not only long time n’goni player for legendary Malian musician Salif Keita, but also recorded on more than 50 albums with artists like Bassekou Kouyate, Blick Bassy, Djessou Mory Kanté, Zani Diabaté and Bela Fleck, just to name a few.

He released his much anticipated first solo album, Kamale Blues, on August 16th, 2018. Subtle twinkling guitar and kamele n’goni lines intertwine with captivating vocals, backed by groovy bass and percussion, resulting in a spicy and very danceable sound.  His lyrics are about immigration, wealth inequality, gender relations and human rights, sung mostly in his native Bambara with some English and French phrasing.

So after eighteen years touring with Salif Keita and after all those albums, Harouna is ready to put his own name in the spotlights, using his exceptional talents as a musician, composer and arranger.

In Summer 2019 the group played, a.o. at the Afrikafestival in Hertme (Netherlands) and Moods in Zürich (Switzerland).

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Photographer: Carolina Vallejo

Photographer: Carolina Vallejo

Photographer: Carolina Vallejo

“Harouna Samake is known as a Malian grandmaster on the kamale n’goni, the kora-like instrument from the Wassoulou area in Mali. For years he has been one of the driving forces in Salif Keita’s band. With Kamale Blues the time is ripe to show what he is capable of under his own flag and that results in an impressive African album.” – Heaven

“He accompanied his country fellow Salif Keita on his international tours, and can be heard on more than fifty albums […] Samake is now standing out of the shadow with his first solo album […]  Samake proves here as a great talent that we will undoubtedly hear a lot from in the coming years.” ★★★★ – Lust for Life

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