Mesmerising combination of electronics and traditional music in multimedia project REMIX <--> Culture.

Behind the pseudonym HAT lies Hatim Belyamani, the Moroccan-American musician, DJ and multimedia artist from the project and artist collective REMIX ←→CULTURE, that mixes traditional music with digital remix art. Growing up in Morocco, Hatim began his musical career as a classically trained pianist, winning national and international awards. As an adolescent, he focused more on jazz, improvisation, and taught himself guitar.

HAT started recording traditional music from his motherland Morocco, both audio as well as video. This raw material forms the basis of his very creative, innovative and amazing audiovisual remixes, that build up an uplifting and trance inducing groove, whilst keeping the audiences mesmerised by visuals that are 100% in sync with the audio at the same time. Making use of electronics, this body of work is an ode to the traditions of his native Morocco.

However, it’s not only Morocco that passes by. On his travels HAT takes the opportunity to record other traditional music too, for example in Brazil and China. He mould these into a new groove that is just as exciting as his other work. You have to experience it yourself

HAT has been performing extensively around the world (as ‘officerfishdumplings’), amongst others as part of Amsterdam Roots Festival, Music Meeting in Nijmegen and at Roskilde Festival, all in 2016.

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