Go Go Machine Orchestra

Go Go Machine Orchestra was established in 2017 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The group takes elements from many different musical styles (minimalism, electronica, slowcore, percussion-based music) and creates a sound that could be compared to a sight seeing tour: much like each stop along the way provides different scenery, each composition provides a completely different aural landscape. By the journey’s end the listener’s senses have been profoundly affected.

The artists who create the group’s hypnotic collage of music and sound are Ni-Li Tang (piano), Pin-Hsin Wang (electronics), Bai-Hsun Chung (synthesizer), Li-Wei Chen (guitar) and Mao-Sung Lee (percussion).

Each band member studied and perfected their musical craft at various international locales (Paris, New York, Chicago, Tokyo), and after returning to Taiwan formed Go Go Machine Orchestra. They have performed at major music festivals and music industry events all over Taiwan, and now they will embark on their first European tour, with North American and Asian tours to follow. The group is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share their music with a global audience.

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