Frente Cumbiero

Frente Cumbiero is widely recognized as one of the spearheads of the cumbia nueva (new cumbia) movement in Colombia, because of their fresh, contemporary and exciting take on cumbia. The quartet is headed by Colombian songwriter and producer Mario Galeano, who also is part of Ondatrópica and Los Pirañas. He draws his inspiration, ánd his samples that form the base of his contemporary tracks, from his large collection of cumbia records, mainly from the 60s and 70s.

Frente Cumbiero creates innovative but very danceable tropical music driven by crazy keys/electronics, uplifting horns and energetic percussion that makes you jump and sweat. The band takes you on a trip to all corners of the cumbia landscape.

Frente Cumbiero in the past has collaborated with Kronos Quartet and recorded an album with dub master Mad Professor, and played great concerts at festivals like Roskilde (2011), Womad (2014) and Fuji Rock (2018). In the first half of 2019 a new record will be released.

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Picture by Camilo Pachón

“Frente Cumbiero’s résumé is so varied that it is hard to sum it all up in just a few word. And why should we? Let’s hope they never stop exploring!” – Que Pasa Colombia? Documentary

“Frente Cumbiero have pushed themselves to the front of the international cumbia scene.” – Sounds & Colours

“Frente Cumbiero´s case is emblematic: in the cumbia they play, that artifact with atonal and dissonant glimpses, its possible to hear the world” – El Espectador

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