Dimitris Mystakidis

Dimitris Mystakidis is a folk guitar virtuoso and rembetiko revitaliser, performing rembetiko exclusively with folk guitar for over ten years.

He is a multi-instrumentalist who jointed forces with the great majority of Greek artists – composers, musicians and vocalists, while the most long-standing collaborations of his was with the composer and performer Nikos Papazoglou and his band “Loxi Falagga” (Oblique Phalanx), and the composer, songwriter and performer Thanasis Papakonstantinou.

Dimitris, is a music professional, who researches, teaches, writes, records and of course performs Rembetiko songs for more than two decades all over Europe. He has performed in World Music festivals and venues across Europe with his former band Apsilies and as a member of My Sweet Canary Ensemble.

His latest album America ​​was released in April 2017 including songs of the early rembetiko period written by Greek immigrants in America exclusively arranged with the technique of  “tsibiti” guitar, a technique that is clearly influenced by the fingerpicking technique Of African-American Blues musicians.

Additionally, Dimitris is a professor in the postgraduate program of the Department of Music Science and Art in the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and in the undergraduate program of the Department of Traditional and Folk Music in the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus in Arta. He has published two books, both tutorials, for Lute and for Folk Guitar.

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