C4 Trio

C4 Trío from Venezuela consists of three virtuoso cuatro players. The cuatro is a kind of small, 4-stringed guitar, the size of an ukelele. All three cuatro players are from different parts of Venezuela and all bring their own influences and style. Since 2009 a bass player, at least as good as the other three of course, has completed the line-up.

With seemingly little effort and a lot of musical humor the C4 Trío gives a fresh and inventive twist to the traditional rhythms and melodies from Venezuela. All this combined with influences from the classical music and pop, but mostly from the jazz and impro, results in an amazing eargasm.

Their first cd was released in 2006 and instantly won a Golden Record in Venezuela. In 2011, the C4 Trío also won de 43th edition of the Internationale Joropo Concours, and with their 4th album in 2014, they received a whopping  7 Pepsi Music Awards (including that off best band and best cd) and a Latin Grammy.

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Photo: Brigitte Diez

Photo: Eric van Nieuwland

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