Los Bulldozer

Los Bulldozer. It sounds heavy and sturdy. From the metal scene. Or stoner. But no, it’s a trio from Colombia playing so-called champeta. Okay, heavy as well, but in another, lighter kind of way.

Champeta as a music style developed in coastal Colombia. It’s all about dancing, so the rhythm dominates the melodies, and it is full of influences from Africa (a.o. soukous, highlife, afrobeat), the Caribbean (f.e. compas from Haïti) and of course Colombia itself (a.o. cumbia, porro) .

Los Bulldozer has been founded by guitar player and producer Fabián Morales. Since 2014 the group is more and more establishing itself in Colombia with its raw and heavy form of champeta. Los Bulldozer is linking the high-pitched soukous guitar phrases to strong Colombian rhythms, funky rap, vile rock en cut-up electronics.

Fabián Morales was also part of La Makina Del Karibe, a group that toured Europe in 2011 with a lot of success. Apart from well known ‘western’ names like James Brown and George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic, Los Bulldozer has also been influenced by Congolese soukous artists, like super guitar player Diblo Dibala (a.o. Franco, Kanda Bongo Man, Loketo).

Cannibal Dancer is the first EP of the band, with strong influence of Congolese soukous. Los Bulldozer also participated on the album African Fabrics (2016) of the well-known German producer and DJ Daniel Haaksman.

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