African Salsa Orchestra

The African Salsa Orchestra (ASO) is an orchestra born in 2014. Directed by Michel Pinheiro (Beninese singer & trombonist) the ASO is a dance machine that will ballad you from Cotonou to Cuba.

Follower of Mamadou Doumbia, Michel meets in his recording studio the young Doumbouya Moussa, alias Tiken Jah Fakoly for whom he signs the first arrangements of brass instruments. From then, he will become his faithful travelling fellow and the leader of the orchestra, printing until 2011 his copper-colored touch in albums and in concerts of the Ivorian Reggaeman. An intense collaboration which will lead him for ten years on Scenes in the whole world.

From 1999, before the death of Doumbia, Michel records his first album, Hope. The song “Farmer” is a hit from Ivory Coast to Benin, followed by the song “Agoh”. In 2006 is recorded in Paris, and Benin two years later. He joins from their creation «Les Mercenaires de l’Ambiance the overexcited orchestra from « L’ Afrique enchantée » ( Scenic version of the famous broadcast France Inter). Michel interprets since 2008 some of his compositions, Atchègbè, who denounces the generalized corruption, or music of his mentor, mister Doumbia Djokuadjo, who names the number one public enemy of Africa: Malaria.

Salsa never leaves him, even if he sometimes flirts with other musical genres. It is in 2014 that Michel decides to create with Florent Briqué (last conductor of the orchestra Les mercénaires de l’ambiance) the African Salsa Orchestra, a unique orchestra creating a bridge between Africa and Cuba.

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