The Gwoof

Drummer Boudewijn Bauw and keys player Sander Bos have been working together since 2012, no wonder they are a very tight musical unit. Nevertheless, after recording 14 of their favourite tracks in the studio, they realised that something was missing. Their search for the last, missing element began and finally led them to Patrick ‘Rudeboy’ Tilon, the frontman/vocalist of the legendary Dutch band Urban Dance Squad. That’s right: one of the best bands ever and the first band that actually succeeded in forging the perfect mix of rock and rap. Urban Dance Squad influenced many groups all over the world, such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers en Rage Against The Machine.

In The Gwoof, Rudeboy uses his unbridled energy when spitting out his rattling vocals, backed by the angular grooves, heavy bass and impressive organ melodies of Bauw en Bos. Rock, funk, hiphop and punk, all these influences come together in this explosive trio. And if you see them live, it surely is a blast of energy. The Gwoof is rocky, steamy and sweaty and serves you a new and original sound.

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“De wisselwerking tussen drums, Hammond en zang werkt erg aanstekelijk en kan nog hele mooie dingen voort gaan brengen.” – Maxazine

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