Rocky Marsiano

Tropical beats with vintage Angolan and Capeverdian influences

87.75%. That was the knock-out percentage of the legendary American boxer Rocky Marciano. But now there’s a producer/deejay with almost the same name too: Rocky Marsiano. Okay, you won’t be knocked out straight away by his tropical beats, but adept footwork is an advantage during his performances.

On his latest release Meu Kamba Rocky Marsiano mixes the great seventies music from Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique with electronic beats. Receiving a lot of  international  praise (featured  on  the  top 10 best albums of 2014 on, Meu Kamba is  a  colourful  journey  through  the great rhythms from these three African countries and has seen Marsiano take his Meu Kamba-influenced DJ sets to various European cities like Paris, Brussels and Berlin.

Rocky Marsiano has been performing for almost 20 years. He started in hiphop but was captured by Afroportuguese music. In Portugal, he performs at all the big festivals. Last year (2016) he played at a huge festival called NOS Alive in Algés, together with 2manydjs en The Chemical Brothers.

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