O Rappa

In 1993, four friends from Rio de Janeiro (Nelson Meirelles, Marcelo Lobato, Alexandre Menezes et Marcelo Yuka) decided to create the reggae group, O Rappa, to expose the social injustices that the country was going trough (cf Minha Alma). Since then, they have recruited a fifth member, Falcão who became the emblematic vocalist of the group.

Mixing samba with dub, drum ‘n’ bass with funk, O Rappa speaks of social issues, raising awareness on racial issues and protesting against police violence. Their career spans 20 years, during which they have sold over 3 million records by Warner Music, garnered over 5 million fans on Facebook and performed tens of thousand fans at a time.

Their previous album released in 2013 Nunca Tem Fim… was mixed by Stephen Marcussen (Aerosmith, Nirvana, Paul McCartney). According to Mondomix, the song ‘Vem Pra Rua’ (‘Come out to the Street’), composed by Wilson Simoninha and sang by Marcelo Falcão, leading singer of the reggae-funk-rock O Rappa, has delivered the hymn of Brazillian contestation. Originally the song was conceived specially to be broadcast during Confederations Cup, ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brasil.

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