Nine Treasures

Five young musicians, hailing from the remote Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia, where heavy metal is untraceable, started playing together in Beijing in the end of 2010.

Their original Mongolian folk metal caught the attention of two small indoor festivals in Beijing in autumn 2011, Anda and Asia Metal Festival. These performances built a solid foundation for the band’s progression. After that, they threw themselves into the lively underground scene in Beijing. Nine Treasures released their debut album Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor in May 2012 through Mort Productions. The first press of 1000 copies were sold out in 6 months. In 2013, Nine Treasures competed and won Metal Battle China, and eventually reached the second place out of 28 countries on the Metal Battle Finals on Wacken Open Air. They were the jury’s favourite and worked together with Director Uli Gaulke for Wacken 3D the film. After Wacken, the second album Nine Treasures and the first headline tour in China occurred at the end of 2013. Meanwhile, they were honoured Best New Artists at Midi Awards 2013. 2014 and 2015 saw Nine Treasures on the road for most of the year. Their headlining tour reached West to remote parts in Xinjiang and festival appearances made North to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, South to Taiwan, and East to Vladivostok Russia. During the autumn 2015, the boys went on a 15-date European tour, including the showcase festival WOMEX in Budapest.

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