The music of Narasirato is produced on on bamboo instruments: hammering polyrhythms from log drums and ‘stomping tubes’ and giant pan pipes; a sound the London Evening Standard called ‘punchy, distinctive and full of energy’, that the Observer newspaper deemed ‘funky and bluesy, with a reggae pulse and tracks that rock out’. 

This fabulous bamboo band recently toured at renowned international festivals as Glastonbury in the UK, Fuji Rock in Japan and Roskilde in Denmark have seen everyone from indie-kids to metalheads, clubbers to world music fans wigging out to Narasirato’s infectious polyrhythms and feelgood grooves. Greenpeace loved the band so much at Glastonbury that they invited them to record the storming “Totoraha” (Belief) in their onsite Cowshed Studios.

Australasia, including its own Melanesia, have loved Narasirato for a long time; their song “My Culture Is My Life” was number one on ABC Asia Pacific’s Top Ten for seven weeks. With support from Strummerville, 2011’s live EP Tangio Tumas (Thank you very much) drew attention and praise, and a full-length studio CD recorded in Amsterdam, Warato’o, was released, by Smash in 2012, with conch shell fanfare. A record pulsing with Narasirato’s stunning live vibe and featuring age-old melodies and traditional hand-made instruments – some of which double for keyboards, drums and bass – in songs shot through with traces of reggae and dance music.

Spring 2014 saw the release of the 3rd cd of Narasirato Inoni ana Totoraha recorded in October 2013 in the village, by Smash records.

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Traditional but with unmistakable pulses of reggae and rock – UNCUT

Punchy, distinctive and full of energy – London Evening Standard

Funky and bluesy, with a reggae pulse and tracks that rock out – The Observer

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