Mbongwana Star

This group of street musicians from Kinshasa, Congo, play a fusion of funk, rock, rumba and vintage R&B.

Mbongwana Star takes you right into the heart and onto the streets of modern day Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their sound is filled with the rich cultural heritage of their native land and the urban groove  of Kinshasa. Mbongwana Star – which translates from Lingala as Star of Change – put together a band which worked on a new sound of Congo. Drums are mixed with howling electric guitars and the characteristics of a rock band to form a hypnotic mix – as self-evident as it is innovative.

From the first seconds of the album of their music, it is clear that this band is a very special live act.  Funky guitars riff, great drumbeat with deep voices chanting, racing tempo with a brilliant rhythm section and an infectious hook. Several incredibly talented musicians create a tight and very danceable rhythm with guitar work to savour.

Formed by Coco Ngambali and Theo Nsituvuidi former leaders composers guitarists of Staff Benda Bilili, Mbongwana Star (8 musicians) consists of four paraplegics, all of whom were confined to wheelchairs after suffering polio as children, as well as several younger members: guitarists, singers and comprise the rhythm section: NPunk Cubain and Randy, who performed on first Staff Benda Bilili’s album.

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