Maïa Barouh

Maïa Barouh sings using a special technique from a small island in the South of Japan, mixing it with modern and electric sounds. 

She grew up with classical music and jazz but transformed the way she used to play when she started to improvise, to sing with her flute and to use it as percussion. Maïa Barouh spent her childhood travelling and listening to live music from all around the world which can be heard in her music since it takes us deeply into Japan but also resonates with Gipsy vocal traditions, Middle Eastern or African musical traditions. The earthquake and the nuclear accident that hit Japan on March 11 2011, marked a turning point in Maïa’s development as a musician. The man-made catastrophe and the destruction that followed pushed her to re-root herself in the musical traditions of Japan, gathering the songs of fishermen, villagers, peasants in the region of Fukushima, and take them out to the wider world, in her own interpretation, as a testimony of the richness and the power of an area now reduced to rubble.

Maïa has already released a few albums in Japan and performed with artists like Cyro Baptista, Arto Lindsay, Kip Hanrahan and Yasuaki Shimizu. But her latest project produced by Martin Meissonnier is completely new. Now based in her second home country, France, she embarks on new adventures with her band combining music with dance and VJs. As a result of her powerful musicianship and her transnational worldview national, Maïa offers a wide musical landscape where melancholy and madness ride on percussive grooves, trance-like dance tunes and stripped down a cappella singing.

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