Luna Zegers

The Dutch Luna Zegers isn’t your average kind of flamenco singer: in 2015, she graduated as the first (and still, only) foreign flamenco singer at the prestigious conservatory ESMUC in Barcelona, after graduating with distinction as a jazz singer from the Conservatory in Amsterdam in 2010.

Luna lost her relatives at a young age so because of her exceptional story, Dutch national television (NPO and Eén Vandaag) made documentaries about her, and the television program De Reunie by the KRO covered her story too. Besides this, the radio program Kunststof on Dutch national radio invited her for a hour long broadcast about her music, and magazines like LINDA en Nouveau published interviews and articles about her.

In 2017, the singer and composer will present her first production Entre Dos Mundos (Between Two Worlds). In this production, Luna touches on different themes like identity and desire, love and loss, to name a few. The fiery Spanish flamenco music and dance in combination with her fantastic voice makes this an exceptional performance.

Luna sings about her turbulent life. However, these are not only stories of sorrow and pain, but about hope and happiness too. Flamenco is always the starting point and reference, but with a different and contemporary sound, the result of living between two worlds: Spain and the Netherlands; life and death; the music she grew up with and flamenco.

In January 2017 Luna Zegers will perform during the Flamenco Biënnale, the renowned flamenco festival in The Netherlands. Her first CD will also be presented then.

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“Dat ze alle facetten van de flamencozang beheerst, spat er af in de laatste paar tracks waarin het continu knettert en bliksemt” ★★★★ 1/2 – Jazzism

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