Psychedelic pansori-rock from Korea

Blistering pansori vocals, screaming high-pitched sounds of the piri and taepyungso (wind instruments) combined with the solid psychedelic rock groove of bass, drums, guitar, keys and Korean percussion: that’s the sound of the Korean group Aux.

Here, the far East and West come together in a fascinating and exhilarating manner. For example, the group mixes the traditional taepyeongso lines and embellishments on the beat of vigorous rock music, and borrow the technique of the geomungo (a Korean traditional string instrument) to play the electric bass guitar. And don’t forget the extraordinary vocals, that come from the traditional Korean pansori-style of singing. Seemingly effortless the vocalist goes from very high to low notes.

In the end, Aux plays psychedelic rock, but then just a little bit different.

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