Korean traditional music adapted to a modern life.

Music is a way to express the essence of living for 숨[su:m]. 숨[su:m] has been telling colourful stories of various lives in language of music.

숨[su:m] was formed in 2007, by a couple of Korean traditional musicians. For more clarity and better interpretation of its music, the two musicians, Jiha Park (Piri-Bamboo Oboe, Saenghwang-Mouth Organ, Yanggeum-Dulcimer) and Jungmin Seo (25 string Gayageum-Zither, Steel string Gayageum), compose and perform their own musical pieces. Their ambitious aim is to start a new era of Korean traditional music that sheds light on contemporary spirit by addressing in musical sense sentiments and lessons learned from living a modern life.

숨[su:m] was selected ‘2010 MAP (Mullae Arts Plus) project for musicians’, ‘New Artist Trend 2009 supporting project for young artists’ by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and won the Contest ‘21st Century Korean Music Project’ (Experimental Spirit Prize) hosted by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Their first album Rhythmic Space: A Pause for Breath was released in November 2010, followed by their second album in 2014, 숨[su:m] 2nd.

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