Dance parties for 40-up people with DJ's like Alex van Oostrom, Rob Stenders and Harry de Winter.


Amira is one of Europe’s finest and most soulful singers. Born in Sarajevo, she is one of the greatest exponents of Bosnian sevdah, a mostly slow, sad and passionate style that is the Balkan answer to the blues or Cape Verdian morna.


Connecting traditional and rural folk music with Portugal’s urban popular music: Fado.


Sicily’s favorite blends traditional horn-heavy Italian rhythms with Balkan inspired party vibes that take you on a musical journey around the Mediterranean isles.

Balkan Beat Box

Even more globalized than ever. Ragga, hiphop and dancefloor electronica!

Bassekou Kouyate

One of the Africa’s greatest live bands rocking out on virtuoso music that can hardly fail to burn your socks off...


The singer-guitarist Tuareg Bombino is emerging from the sand with his Saharan folk that is dancing in the flames. Absolutely magical.

Bongo Botrako

The colourful music of this band from around Barcelona is a mixture of ska, rumba and reggae - with a punky attitude.


Spanish-African singer and world music star sings a gorgeous, smoky, profoundly soulful blend of jazz, flamenco, blues, soul and more.


Singing in gospel, RnB and in one of the most popular South African genre Isicathamiya.


Hiphop cross over with Brazilian rhythms & afrobeat.


Around the world with Depedro,  “La increible historia de un hombre bueno”  is DePedro’s latest album. A piece of work that is original, delicate, creative, well crafted and, above all, human, which pretty much sums up Jairo Zavala.


Young and upcoming reggae band from Amsterdam discovered the treasures of Jamaica.

Eliades Ochoa

Buena Vista Social Club® presents ELIADES OCHOA. The voice of ‘Chan Chan’ and without competition THE voice of the traditional Cuban son.

Emel Mathlouthi

Her music has electro and trip hop rhythms and a modern sound – a new way forward for Tunisian music.

Freshly Ground

Seven-piece band is one of South Africa’s most treasured acts.  


  From the steppes of Mongolia by way of Beijing, Hanggai is a crossover band that blends traditional music and rock. “This is Asian crossover music at its best”. ( The Guardian )

Idan Raichel

Multi-instrumentalist from Israel showing the world he is one of the most creative musicians of his country. And beyond.


Nigerian singer living in the USA suprises with great songs. Check the amount of you tube views...


The Music that exist everywhere but belongs nowhere.


Kapok loves to venture off the beaten path. In their trademark line up of horn, guitar and drums, the trio sets off in search of new sounds and rhythms. Kapok makes free, wild, adventurous music.


Abeautiful voice and extraordinary piano playing combined with her stunning appearance she knows how to enchant every audience.

Kim Janssen

In the last four years Kim Janssen traveled around the world playing over 450 shows across Europe, North America, UK and Asia.

Konono nr 1

Rough and honest in your face grooves from Kinshasa.

La Pegatina

They themselves are calling it rumba urbana, others prefer to describe it as punk on cajon and flamenco guitar.

La Raiz

From Valencia these party animals. Combining rock and hiphop with a Spanish twist.

La Yegros

The first female signing to the renowned ZZK label she is seen as the first lady of digital-cumbia in a typically male dominated scene.


The very multi-culti music from La Reunion. Makes you smile and dance!  

Liu Fang

The empress of pipa and guzheng. Music from the classical and folkloric traditions.

Long Shen Dao

Tai Chi Reggae from Beijing

Los Pirañas

  Dance to this psychedelic connection between champeta, afrobeat, rock and cumbia.    

Los Van Van

is a Cuban band led by bassist Juan Formell, and is the most recognized post-revolution Cuban band.

Maïa Vidal

Armed with her distinct multilingual vocals and anarray of instruments, Maïa Vidal crafts sweet and quirky pop-folk songs.

Maite Hontelé

Maite Hontelé is a Dutch trumpet player living in Medellín, Colombia. The new look at old skool salsa!

Mbongwana Star

From Kinshasa – Congo - this group of street musicians who play a fusion of funk, rock, rumba and vintage R&B.

Meridian Brothers

Touching down from Bogota, Columbia, Meridian Brothers are here to shoot their deliciously weird and loose psycho-tropical groove through summer 2014. 


  Mintzkov have been around for over ten years. The last couple of months, they have been manufacturing and crafting their fourth record, Sky Hits Ground. The production of the new album was in their own hands.

Mulatu Astatke

 Father of Ethio-jazz, a unique blend of pop, modern jazz, traditional Ethiopian music, Latin rhythms, Caribbean reggae, and Afro-funk. 


“Traditional but with unmistakable pulses of reggae and rock” UNCUT


The stunning voice of Nynke is quite unlike anything else out there. Inspired eclecticism and compelling poetry combines Nordic flavours with Mediterranean music genres.

Oscar D’Leon

 El Leon de la Salsa! Living salsa legend from Venezuela still going strong!

Oumou Sangaré

Malian diva delivers a modernized version of the traditional, rural music of the enigmatic and mysterious Wassoulou hunters with a funk-driven pulse.

Parne Gadje

Parne Gadje is one of the most exciting worldmusic groups of The Netherlands

Parno Graszt

"They do not use sources of Gipsy music - they are the source itself.” Simon Broughton, Songlines

Rina Mushonga

A fascinating collage of indie, pop, folk and prog-rock.

RoCola Bacalao

Ecuador's number 1 party animals mixing cumbia, ska and son with a punk attitude.  

Rupa & The April Fishes

Fiery, engaging and wide-reaching, their music is the soundtrack for a world teetering at the edge of itself

Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar

Godfather of the Balkan Beats.


A mix of electro, rap & afro beats, blazing sun, dusty roads, township shacks, cockroaches, skulls, bones & lovebirds.


  “Söndörgö are proving themselves to be one of Europe’s most versatile and exciting bands.” Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine.  

Staff Benda Bilili

Melting Congolese rumba, soukous and other African rhythms in a way that makes Staff Benda Bilili a live sensation.

Taraf de Haïdouks

One of  THE gypsie bands still going strong!


TenTemPiés makes an explosive blend of Latin rock, ska and reggae with an Amsterdam twist: Damsko Mestizo!    

The Silverfaces

A young and upcoming band from Amsterdam and Utrecht. File under Bluesrock, psychedelic and sounds like the young Raconteurs.

The Van Jets

Solid value of the Belgium rock scene of years now. 

Toumani & Sidiki

 Kora-master Toumani Diabaté presents his son Sidiki - 72nd generation of Diabaté griots - to the world.


Tulegur (刚子) a native from Inner Mongolia mixes throat singing with guitar playing, a singer songwriter from the grasslands.

Turtle Island

Turtle Island fuses traditional Japanese carnival beats with other musical elements including distorted guitar, Indian music, and Korean traditional music, all held together with a punk rock background.

Wallace Vanborn

Three-piece rockband bringing a mixture of heavy stonerrock and sexy, danceable drumbeats.


In a remarkably short period of time, Yuna has risen from regional D.I.Y. notoriety to full-on international stardom.


Korean traditional music adapted to a modern life.