Abelardo Carbono

Abelardo Carbonó, the godfather of champeta, was born in 1948 in Ciénaga, a small town between Santa Marta and Cartagena, Colombia. He started to play the guitar when he was eight or nine as he simply played along with his father.

Africa Negra

For the past 40 years, África Negra have been indisputably the most important and genuine ambassadors of the music of São Tomé and Príncipe.

Atanga Boom!

Early 2012 members of successful bands such as Monsieur Dubois, Bernie’s Lounge and The Shuffle Demons joined hands. Within a short time a tight line-up was established in which everyone shared the same addiction of afrofunk, world grooves and jazz.


Baciamolemani, Sicily’s favorite, blends traditional horn-heavy Italian rhythms with Balkan inspired party vibes that take you on a musical journey around the Mediterranean isles.

Balkan Beat Box

Even more globalized than ever, Balkan Beat Box is ragga, hiphop and dancefloor electronica!

Bixiga 70

“The energy and intelligence of the playing are irresistible.” – The Guardian Five years after their inception, the Sao Paulo based Brazilian group Bixiga 70 continues to travel musically forward, only to find themselves more and more at home.

Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy formed his first band in Cameroon at the age of 17. They were called The Jazz Crew and would later develop into Macase, an inventive jazz fusion group inspired by local rhythms with three singers, all singing a different Cameroonian language.

Conjunto Papa Upa

A mind-blowing yet joyous-sounding assault takes you on a psychedelic journey with a possessed voodoo priest piloting a half-broken 1970’s Caribbean space ship, departing from the hot Venezuelan beach of Camuri Chico in order to land somewhere on the African continent along the borders between Angola and the Congo. 


La Increible Historia de un Hombre Bueno (Around the world with DePedro) is DePedro’s latest album. A piece of work that is original, delicate, creative, well crafted and, above all, human, which pretty much sums up Jairo Zavala.

Dieuf-Dieul de Thies

Vintage fuzzy psychedelic sounds from Senegal

Els Catarres

Els Catarres is a Catalan pop-folk band which consists of Èric Vergés and Jan Riera Prats from Aiguafreda and Roser Cruells from Centelles. The band is famous for the song "Jenifer" who came a hit in the summer of 2011 in Catalan Countries.

Emel Mathlouthi

 Her music has electro and trip hop rhythms and a modern sound – a new way forward for Tunisian music.


Fendika (Ethiopia): Ferocious five-piece band with two phenomenal dancers

Fuel Fandango

Nita and Ale Acosta are not trying to be revolutionaries, but they are trying to do something new.

Fumaça Preta

Fumaça Preta (Black Smoke) bring together elements of tropicalia, psychedelic rock, fuzz funk, musique concrete, acid house, radiophonic electronics and afrobeat.


  From the steppes of Mongolia by way of Beijing, Hanggai is a crossover band that blends traditional music and rock. “This is Asian crossover music at its best” - The Guardian

Idan Raichel

Multi-instrumentalist from Israel shows the world he is one of the most creative musicians of his country, and beyond.


South Korean electronic trio Idiotape formed in 2008 in Seoul.  Producer and synthesizer player Dguru, who is also a highly-respected DJ in Korea, and synthesizer player Zeze teamed up with the simple goal of making “fun and enjoyable music”. Drummer DR (formerly of Seoul pop-punk / pop-rock act Sugar Donut) was brought on board in early 2010.


The Music that exist everywhere but belongs nowhere.

Kálmán Balogh

Kálmán Balogh is one of the foremost Hungarian cimbalom players, descending from a famous dynasty of Hungarian Gypsy musicians.

Konono nr 1

Konono #1: Rough and honest in-your-face grooves from Kinshasa.

La 33

Within Bogotá's fiery music scene, LA-33 has emerged as Colombia’s most famous touring salsa orchestras. The sound is modern yet authentic, embracing retro salsa dura (hard salsa), classic cumbria, ska, Latin jazz and old school New York Boogaloo. Significantly, the band is named after Calle 33, their home street in Bogatá, because it captures an essential urban take on salsa, connected directly to the streets. 

La Yegros

La Yegros is the first woman signing to the renowned ZZK label. She is seen as the first lady of digital-cumbia in a typically male dominated scene.

Liu Fang

The empress of pipa and guzheng. Music from the classical and folkloric traditions.

Los Pirañas

  Dance to this psychedelic connection between champeta, afrobeat, rock and cumbia.

Maia Barouh

Maia Barouh sings using a special technique from a small island in the South of Japan, mixing it with modern and electric sounds. 

Mbongwana Star

From Kinshasa – Congo - this group of street musicians who play a fusion of funk, rock, rumba and vintage R&B.

Meridian Brothers

Touching down from Bogota, Columbia, Meridian Brothers are here to shoot their deliciously weird and loose psycho-tropical groove! 


“Traditional but with unmistakable pulses of reggae and rock” UNCUT


We could just say that Ni is an instrumental rock band. We could just tell you to grab a nice coffee and look at their latest album cover while enjoying yourself on a balcony. We could just be happy that spring is on it's way and that we can hear the birds sing all afternoon. We could just tell you that we have waited a long time for this moment.

Nine Treasures

The five young musicians, hailing from the remote Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia, where heavy metal is untraceable, started playing together in Beijing in the end of 2010.

O Rappa

In 1993, four friends from Rio de Janeiro (Nelson Meirelles, Marcelo Lobato, Alexandre Menezes et Marcelo Yuka) decided to create the reggae group, O Rappa, to expose the social injustices that the country was going trough (cf Minha Alma).  Since then, they have recruited a fifth member, Falcão who became the emblematic vocalist of the group.


Behind the pseudonym officerfishdumplings lies Hatim Belyamani, the Moroccan-American musician, DJ and multimedia artist behind the project REMIX ←→CULTURE.

Orlando Julius

Born in 1943 in Ikole-Ekiti in Ondo State, Nigeria, Orlando Julius Ekemode (“Orlando was really a nickname, taken from the Nigerian actor, Orlando Martins") had started in music from an early age, becoming the school drummer and learning flute, bugle and other instruments at St Peters Anglican School in Ikole-Ekiti.

Otava Yo

A group of folk musicians in St. Petersburg, Russia, spontaneously formed Otava Yo in 2005. They wanted to create new interpretations of Russian folk music, open to everyone with open ears (and legs), and to revive neglected tunes from bygone times.

Oumou Sangaré

Malian diva delivers a modernized version of the traditional, rural music of the enigmatic and mysterious Wassoulou hunters with a funk-driven pulse.

Parno Graszt

"They do not use sources of Gipsy music - they are the source itself.” Simon Broughton, Songlines

Pat Thomas & Kwahibu Area Band

Pat Thomas is one of Ghana’s all-time great vocalists, also known as “The Golden Voice Of Africa”.


Some roots can become entangled – such are Pixvae’s. Much like the cross-bred fruit of the palm and peach trees from which this quirky group borrows its name, Pixvae represents the confluence of Kouma’s and Bambazú’s artistic journeys.


Impressive and delirious, PoiL is lead by three musicians who know no limitations and prohibitions.


Rabasa is a typical exponent of the Cape Verdian diaspora and a respected guest of international stages and festivals. The band, has been based in the vicinity of the Dutch harbour city Rotterdam for many years now, where their success started.

Rupa & The April Fishes

Fiery, engaging and wide-reaching, their music is the soundtrack for a world teetering at the edge of itself

Shan Ren

The remote province Yunnan in South Western China is thought to have been the inspiration for James Hilton’s Shangri-la in his classic novel Lost Horizon. Since their formation in this region in 2000, Shan Ren, literally “mountain men”, have become one of China’s top indie folk bands. With members representing some of the smaller ethnic groups, the four-piece aims to promote and preserve the colourful and diverse heritage of Yunnan and Guizhou’s many ethnic tribes through original compositions and re-workings of local folk melodies. Shan Ren fuse indigenous music with modern styles, while showcasing a variety of traditional instruments such as the Xianzi, Qinqin and Dabiya (four-stringed plucked instruments) and Xianggu and Sun drum (percussion). Gaining popularity in Beijing’s small but vibrant folk scene on the strength of their energetic live shows, the band were invited to appear in front of 5,000 people at Cathedral Square for the Barcelona Festival Asia in 2010. In 2011, Shanren also presented showcases at MIDEM in Cannes and Liverpool Sound City, UK.

Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar

Godfather of the Balkan Beats.


Socalled is a pianist, producer, composer, arranger, rapper, singer, journalist, photographer, film maker, magician, cartoonist and puppet maker based in Montreal, Quebec. His project The Socalled Movie is a feature documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada in which he has been making records and toured the world for over a decade.


  “Söndörgö are proving themselves to be one of Europe’s most versatile and exciting bands.” Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine.  

Songhoy Blues

Timbuktu indie kids Songhoy Blues, stars of the Africa Express album

Tal National

Tal National are from Niamey, the capital city of Niger. They’ve had several #1 songs in their home country, are constantly featured on national TV - folks in Niger leave their TVs on and use them as boomboxes . Still, they sell their discs on the street, at roundabouts since there is no centralised distribution system in the country.

Taraf de Haïdouks

Ever since the release of their debut album and their first visit to western Europe back in 1991, Taraf de Haïdouks are considered as the epitome of Gypsy music’s fabulous vitality.

The Mahotella Queens

The Mahotella Queens are true legends!

Toumani & Sidiki

 Kora-master Toumani Diabaté presents his son Sidiki - 72nd generation of Diabaté griots - to the world.


TRAD.ATTACK! takes inspiration from old archive recordings and from the music of today. Folk music is their starting point but not their boundary: they remain open in ears, mind and soul to different styles and new directions whilst maintaining their emotional roots-heart.

Trio Da Kali

Trio Da Kali is a group of outstanding musicians from the Mande culture of southern Mali who come from a long line of distinguished griots (hereditary musicians). Formed of voice, ngoni and balafon the Trio aim to bring a contemporary twist to ancient and neglected repertoires.


Troker’s groove is charged with explosive energy, rhythms going from jazz to rock that in the words of international magazine All About Jazz: "is noisy, chaotic, sprawling, messy, all together wonderful"


Tulegur (刚子) a native from Inner Mongolia mixes throat singing with guitar playing, a singer songwriter from the grasslands.

Turtle Island

Turtle Island fuses traditional Japanese carnival beats with other musical elements including distorted guitar, Indian music, and Korean traditional music, all held together with a punk rock background.


uKanDanZ plays an unique style: an unusual meeting between an electric quartet from France and Asnake Guebreye’s terrific voice. This charismatic lead singer originates from the vibrant music scene in Addis Abeba.

Vaudou Game

Vaudou Game is one of the newest most exciting bands on the scene. Peter Solo, singer and composer of the band was born in Aného-Glidji (Togo), birthplace of the Guin tribe and place of voodoo culture, just like the whole region of Togo and Benin.


Korean traditional music adapted to a modern life.